First of all, thanks for dropping by…

Hello, my name is Jeff. I can never think of anything clever when it comes to talking about myself. I’m an ordained minister so I have no shortage of words, but when it comes to myself everything sounds boring.

I LOVE shrimp pizza, Classic Coke, mochas and beef jerkey. I am always reading or studying something related to theology, religion, Christianity or humor.

I have been involved in counseling and ministry for twenty plus years. I have also worked in business management and casino and personal security.

I am presently working on my doctorate in theology (ThD) from Salt Lake Bible College. I have an M.A. in Bible and Theology from Tyndale Theological Seminary; a Master’s in Christian Counseling (M.C.C.) from Spirit of Truth Bible Institute; a B.A. with a double major in Biblical Studies and Behavioral Science from Northwest Bible College (now Northwest University); Associate’s certificates in Christian Counseling, Bible Teaching, Discipleship and Theology from Wicket Gate Bible College; a Certificate of Graduation in Bible Studies from Reformed International Seminary; and additional graduate studies at Luther Rice Seminary, Trinity Theological Seminary and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

I know…YAWN, right?

I hope you are encouraged, I hope you learn and I hope you are entertained by the words I share.

You can leave a message by way of a comment or you can contact me by email at preacherjeff45@gmail.com.



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